Friday, August 12, 2011


I was sitting watching television and a thought about loneliness came to my mind, and I asked myself the question: Is there a "Sister" in the Bible who faced loneliness and what was the outcome? Immediately Esther came to mind. I then opened the Bible and it opened at the book of Esther. No coincidence. You see at the moment I was feeling lonely and God brought Esther to mind.

Esther was already from the chosen people, the Jew, but she was an orphan been brought up by her uncle. She was lovely in form and features (Esther 2:7).  Esther was chosen and set aside for twelve months to get beauty treatment before she was presented to the King. Esther was chosen to be queen as she found favour with the king(Esther 2:15-16).

Are you like Esther set side from you own for a long period of time and feeling lonely? I want to encourage you to see it as a matter of time as you are in preparation for the  King. Beautify yourself with the word of God and be encouraged and strengthened by them. Your recognition and victory will soon be here. You will soon be clothed in your royal outfit for a purpose yet not revealed to you.

As I thought about Esther, and my own past situation and I am encouraged as I know that I am special and God is preparing my royal robe as I beautify myself in His word speaking them into fulfillment in my life. I have seen where just like Esther, I am been prepared for this new season in my life.

Be encouraged my sisters that you are being prepared for the King  to bring freedom to others who are in the shadow waiting on you to be robed and become their deliverer. You can read the story in the book of Esther.

I pray for my sisters who may be lonely because of one circumstance or another. Father bring them your peace as they prepare for your presence and purpose.

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