Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This morning as I read the Bible, St. John 11 (I have been reading this book as I really wanted to know the heart of Jesus more and who He is) I asked God to give me clear understanding as I read. He did answer, and had share with my readers because He wanted me to strengthen you as He has done for me.

In reading the story about Lazarus, the focus was on Jesus, who knows all; Martha a woman of faith and Mary the worshipper. Inspite of the sisters’ grief they still believed in their Lord and friend and did not cease to worship Him.

1.    Jesus exercising His word of knowledge:

Jesus got the message that his friend was sick, but there was no indication that he was told about Lazarus death, but in verses 11-15 He was able to tell his disciples that Lazarus was dead, but it was for them to believe on Him. Jesus already knew that His friend would live again, and was no hurry to get to Bethany. He was about to exercise supernatural manifestation.

Are you going through a difficult time?  Trust me, God knew before it all began. Believe me He is walking with you through it.

2.    Martha’s Faith:

Martha was going through a hard time, she must have watched her brother as he laid sick, and must have been hoping that her Lord and friend would come and intervene, so her bother would not have died. What depth of pain there must have been?  When Martha heard that Jesus was nearby, she went to see him (have you gone to see him in your pain?) and could have declared to Jesus that she believed He was the Christ the Son of God (verse 27).

In your pain do you still believe that He is the Christ, the Son of God?

3.    Mary worshipped in the midst of her grief:

In verse 32 it says: When Mary arrived and saw Jesus; she fell at his feet and said, “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.  Although Mary was weeping for the loss of her brother she still remembered that Jesus was her Lord.

Is Jesus still your Lord in these moments of disappointment, grief or pain?

Mary and Martha must have been going through a rough time; they had lost the only brother they had. They must have wondered who would be their protector, their friend and support with Lazarus being gone. But during this time they did not fail to believe and worship their Lord, and for their reward the dead came to life.

May we exercise our faith and continue to worship our Lord, as He is about to give life to our dead situation.

May I pray in faith with you?

Father in the name of Jesus I pray for my friends as you lift up their faith in you, and give them the strength to give you worship so others will believe. Thank you that you already know of their situation and you are about to glorify yourself. I believe you will bring life to their dead situation they are facing and I thank you and give worship. In Jesus Name.
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