Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday I was listening to a song that spoke so deeply to me that I have no choice but to share. I have been writing about God's goodness, grace, love, mercy; the power of prayer etc etc, but never this area. The song spoke about forgiveness and later on in the evening I was in a bible study discussing the same topic "prayer and FORGIVENESS".

Just for you to understand why the song meant so much to me I am going to give you a cursory glance of me: I don't know about you but I have found myself  been hurt and hurt real badly, and after many strugglings between "my Daddy" God and I; I purposed in my heart that this is it I have forgiven. I am moving on not going back to the rehearsal room. But the enemy would not be pleased and he would come when I am at my best to invite me for rehearsal, and sometimes I would  literally say to him "I am not going down that road, I have forgiven", but there were times when I would not realized that I am at rehearsal until I had said all my lines.

Now back to the song which I am going to share with you, the song spoke about a heart that forgives and the singer was expressing himself so deeply to God about his heart and what he wants it to be like, I was in tears before God talking to Him about my heart and my forgiveness journey.

If you have been struggling with forgiveness issues I want you to listen to this song I am linking from YouTube and get bare with God if you have to, He is such a good listener and one who never remembers our sins. He helped  me yesterday to deal with the hidden spots on my heart, let him help you too. I know that was a breakthrough moment for me. Let it be for you too. KEVIN LAVER - HEART THAT FORGIVES.

Lord I pray that you will the strong tower to my friends during this moment of reflection as you have been to me. Amen
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