Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My Shepherd watches over me
When I am on the mountainside
When I am down in the valley below
God is my Shepherd

My Shepherd knows my needs
He takes me to places of refreshing
He quenches my thirst in dry places
God is my Shepherd.

My Shepherd knows when I am going astray
He leads me in paths of righteousness
He is glorified as I follow Him
God is my Shepherd

My Shepherd walks with me
In painful and dangerous places
Therefore I will not fear
God is my Shepherd

My Shepherd strengthens me each day
He refreshes me with new wine and oil
My enemies marvel at the overflow
God is my Shepherd

My Shepherd promises me goodness and
mercy all the days of my life
He allows me freedom in His house of Praise
God is my Shepherd

Written based on David's experience in Psalm 23. David knew exactly what it is to be a shepherd. He was one. He knows what it was to take care of his sheep, He took them to green pastures,  he protected and defended them from the lion; he led them to the brook to be refreshed. OUR SHEPHRED WILL TAKE CARE OF US

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