Monday, January 24, 2011


Can you hear Daddy calling?
Arise my darling, the winter is past
The pouring rain has ceased
You are now prepared to journey in my arms

Take a deep breath
A new song is bubbling inside
It is time to sing again
My joy is complete in you

Begin to make merry in your heart
Sing praises unto me, your God
A new day has dawn
Arise my darling, my beautiful one

Arise from you weeping
Arise from you place of brokenness
I have heard your heart
Arise come rest in my arms my darling

Look the flowers are blooming
The trees are blossoming
The fruits are appearing
Arise now my darling, my beautiful one
Arise and be with me

This was written based on Songs of Solomon 2:10-13. May you be blessed as you Arise to the Father's call; you and I are His darling; His beautiful one. What more can we ask?
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