Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Parenting - Reversing the Coin?

Thoughts from the heart #2

Were you brought up with stern parents, who made you afraid of them?

 As you now have your own children, take a look at how you are parenting? if by chance you find you doing the same things as your parents did, it is not too late to be different. The thought just came to me even as I reflect, and had to share. 

Do you give orders? are your children seen and not heard? Do you find it too hard to discuss and find out if they have opinions? 

Assessing your attitude towards your children, think about how you may be responding to authority on the job. Do you resent your team leader? Do you carry out your duties with resentment? How is your relationship with your team leader? Could this be because you resented the type of parenting you had in your childhood?

Assess your parenting style, if they mirror your childhood days, change and improve so your children can be well rounded with opinions and not grow up fearful, and afraid or resent authority, or repeat the same parenting style causing the cycle to continue.

Just sharing as the thoughts flow.


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