Wednesday, April 20, 2016

16 WAYS to Destroy Your Marriage: Don't Do It!!!

Sixteen Ways to Destroy Your Marriage; Don't Do It!

1. Stop communicating openly and honestly.

2. Be consistently angry, selfish, rude, and abusive.

3. Refuse to forgive your spouse for any offense, no matter how small.

4. Stay depressed and negative as much as possible.

5. Convince your spouse that your children are far more important to you than he (she) is.

6. Be consistently lazy and refuse to do much around the house or on your job.

7. Spend money foolishly and continually run up great debt.

8. Give place to addictions or annoying habits and defend your right to have them.

9. Don't care about what your spouse needs sexually as long as you get what you want.

10. Habitually look at explicit films, magazines, or advertising and compare your husband (wife) to the glorified images you see there, and especially mention others whom you find more attractive.

11. Allow your heart to grow hard toward your husband (wife) and refuse to ever say "I'm sorry," "Forgive me," or "I forgive you."

12. Make something other than God and your spouse your top priority.

13. Threaten to get a divorce every time something comes up between you and your spouse that needs to be worked out.

14. Have an affair or entertain an obsession of the heart over someone other than your husband (wife).

15. Move out of the home and don't try to reconcile your differences.

16. Give up and refuse to believe that God is a God of miracles who can restore love and hope.

-- Stormie Omartian
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