Tuesday, December 24, 2013


As I watch the world in all its hustle and bustle and reflect on the reason why Christians celebrate I encourage us to be happy with the little we have, because there are many today without even the little.

It is not the Christmas tree, the Christmas presents, the food and frolicking, although good, but it is the love we give and receive.

We may not have the presents to give, the lots and lots of food to eat as the Joneses do, but if all we have is love and each other we have everything.

Love may not even be in the abundance that is around, so let us give love this Christmas season and be content in whatever state we find ourselves.

Prayer: Lord there are those who are lonely and have very little this Christmas, put your inner joy and peace in them and cause us to give love most of all, just as you gave your son Jesus Christ to bring us abundant life.

Have a blessed Christmas.

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