Sunday, January 29, 2012


Have not been posting as I should lately but had to share this with my readers as we all go through moments when we think God either does not hear us or or is taking too long. I am reminded that God never changes he is the same yesterday today and forever, and is not impartial he treats us all equal. Let us look at what happened before us

Have you been waiting on your prayers to be answered..............God in his wisdom waited until Abraham and Sarah was old, until Abraham was about to kill Isaac, Moses was old, Daniel was in the Lions den, the three hebrew boys were in the furnace, Hanana was desperate, Joseph was imprisoned, Lazarus was dead before he showed up. He did it for them he will do it for you and me............... Show up on time.

May I pray with you: Lord I thank you that you never fail us and none of your seed will beg bread, you are our strength and protector and you will never leave us nor forsake us, so we continue to trust in you knowing your Will, will be done in our lives. 

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