Sunday, September 19, 2010


Joseph was thrown in the cistern which had no water in it(see Genesis 37:23b). I can imagine that they did not gently let him down in the cistern and whether it was mere dirt or lined with stones it must have been hard for Joseph. He must have been bruised and sore and without hope.

When a crisis  comes it always comes with a hard fall. We are usually thrown into it; not gently lowered. Our crisis may be the death of a loved one, losing your home, losing your job, losing your business, or a sudden divorce; whatever the crisis may be, there is sure to be disappointment and devastation.

As Joseph was in the cistern he must have thought to himself  "I am a dead sheep now". To rub salt in Joseph's wound his brothers had a meal during his ordeal (Genesis 37:25). I can just imagine how much Joseph wished they would have offered him a piece in order to keep him alive for just a little longer to be rescued.

Can you identify with Joseph, facing one of life's hard knock while all around you others are having a great 'meal' (having a good life)? Don't be too concerned because just like Joseph the Lord is with you and you will prosper. You will come out alive and great. (Genesis 39:2 The LORD was with Joseph, so he succeeded in everything he did as he served in the home of his Egyptian master NLT).

Just like Joseph you and I are being prepared for greatness with love to share with even those who threw us in the cistern, just like Joseph shared with his brothers. "Joseph was being prepared and perfected to walk in perfect love." (Catherine Brown).
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