Sunday, August 29, 2010


Our Blessing may be spiritually, emotionally or physically. God is not stuck in a "Santa Clause" box only giving presents for Christmas.  The thing about our God is that He does not tell us to put up our Christmas tree and wait till he slides down the chimney while we sleep. He is much, much bigger than that.

You know that when I blog most of the time I do so out of experience. I recently began to raise my faith level in God. So I sold my 2002 vehicle as I know, that I know that He is going to give me a newer and more reliable vehicle. I made up my mind that I would be out of a car for sometime as I have to come up with the necessary funds.

There are always things to be done like going to the grocery store, praise God there is one in walking distant, so no big deal. But getting to my favourite place, Church where I find sweet fellowship, would be difficult. I have been driving since 1989 and does not have a clue about taking public transport, which in my beautiful country may not be as easy as 123. This morning I decided to take the route taxi to church, (I needed to take more than one). The first one was quite easy as there were only three passenger; in the second one we were tightly squeezed in the seats. One good thing this taxi was air conditioned. As I sat in the taxi I began to have a conversation with the Lord and I asked him what lesson there was to learn from this. He immediately responded.

He told me that as I wait on my blessings I need to squeeze and push through some situations, and just as  the taxi was air conditioned which made the passengers cool in the tight situation; it is the same way the Holy Spirit is with us in our tight situations to make the journey easier for us. He also reminded me of the woman with the issue of the blood.

Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. (Matthew 9:20)

This woman was sure that she would be healed if she just touched the hem of Jesus' cloak, but the story  indicated that there was a large crowd. Getting to touch Jesus must have caused her to push, and squeeze through the crowd. As a woman I can almost safely say that due to her situation she would have not been one of the strongest, but she was determined. Are you determined to be blessed by the King of kings and Lord of lord? If so, push and squeeze your way through to Him. Like the air-condition in the taxi of my story above, the Holy Spirit is right there in the midst of the crowd around you. Our God always makes provisions for our hard days and situations.

Your blessings is waiting for you as you push and squeeze your way through in faith. Don't stop now you are almost there. Just know that each day is one day nearer to the end of your now journey.

Prayer: Lord I thank you for the Holy Spirit, the one leads us into all truth, who guides and direct our path. May we be willing to allow Him to be our 'air condition' on our journey of faith in you. Amen

Love Winsome
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