Monday, June 10, 2013


Some of us can remember when we first became a Christian and the deep joy we felt inside. This continued for days, weeks, months and even years for some of us. We always have so much to say about our new found faith, and we find it hard to see why other Christians do not seem to be enjoying the joy you are feeling.

Without a hint, or any type of warning the winds of life begins to blow and the storm roars on your sea of life, and you begin to look around, wondering God where are you, where is the joy you gave me when I gave my life to you? Everything seems to be closing down on you, and you are so sure you are about to drown in the waves of difficulties. I have good news for you. Luke 8: 22-25 tells of the Jesus calming the storm which suddenly came upon them at sea. Jesus' followers cried in desperation "Master! Master! We will drown!" (NCV).  In our storms we need to be like Jesus' followers, be desperate in our cry to God.

Jesus was in the boat with them; he is in our boat upon the stormy sea of life. Jesus was asleep but because of their desperate cry he got up and commanded  the wind and the waves to stop and everything became calm. Lift up your faith and cry out for help, the Master is right there with you listening and ready to calm the storm.

May I say prayer with you: Master! Master the wind and the storm is blowing out of proportion in our lives, help, we believe that you can and will calm this storm in Jesus Name
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