Monday, January 4, 2021


The new year is here, nothing has changed

Everything look and feel the same, but

We all have varying expectations.

We expect that the challenges, and

Difficulties of 2020 would be history

Our dreams and expectations are for a better year

No more unemployment, no more sickness or death

No more heartbreak, no more disappointments

No Pandemic, and life would be as good as can be

Dreams and expectations can only be a reality 

If, and when we begin to work towards fulfilling our dreams 

Folding of hands, and more talk will not change the world

Be  your brother’s keeper

Forgive, love, care, and understand that we all have 

A blindside and there is no perfection in you, or me

This new year can only be better when we are make the change


~Winsome ~ (C)

Thursday, December 3, 2020



It was the beginning of a new year
A new year with lots of dreams and aspirations
A year when expectations run high
We thought we were about to see clearly now

The first quarter was almost done, still dreaming
Working to fulfill those dreams
Easter celebration was on our minds
Then came the news

The news the world did not want to hear
A pandemic was getting closer to home
New rules, to rule the world
Things were changed in the middle of our dreams

Going out was determined by the powers that be
Or should I say by the virus on the rise
An extra piece of garment was added to our outfit
Yes, mask is the new order of the day

Gatherings were restricted to certain numbers
In some places going out was a no no
Even places of worship had closed doors
It became a frightening experience

Some people became fearful
While others believed that it was a lie
While others cried for mercy and 
Some wishing for 2020 to be no more

2020 has many faces
Faces of fear
Faces of resilience 
Faces of no matter what 
The shadows will be removed and 
Life’s reality is that it will never be the same

Winsome (C)

Monday, August 3, 2020



There are moments in life when the feeling and the knowing differs

Moment when I feel all alone, misunderstood, talked about and much more

Moments i feel rejected, lonely, unloved, uncared for and un-achieved

Yet there are moments when I know that I am not alone, I am understood

Moments when I am encouraged and prayed for

Moments when i  am loved, cared for and have achieved

There are moments when I take decisions because I am led by Holy Spirit

And there are moments when I question decisions i have made

Moments when i am not supported in my decisions because others may see

It from a human perspective, while God is working out what seems senseless to others

Reflecting on my moments i have ultimately yielded to God’s direction

He knows me inside out, He knows my end from my beginning

He knows my strength, He knows my weakness, He has my interest at heart

He has numbered my days and have already decided how i will live out those days

Even if others see it unwise, i still trust His judgement.

Moments like these give me the assurance that I am not alone, I am loved

I am the apple of God’s eye, I am the head and not the tail, I am his beloved,

I am engraved on the palm of his hand and nothing will pluck me out

Moments, yes God moments are beyond human understanding.

~ Winsome~ (C